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Enameling Made Easy
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The power of color comes alive with Enameling Made Easy, a new book-with-DVD featuring a wide range of introductory techniques for firing colorful enamel onto metal. Anat Silvera teaches jewelry makers multiple ways to create depth and texture with this rich medium as well as how to hone their metalworking skills — all using only an affordable handheld butane torch.

From traditional cloisonne to stylish sgraffito, Enameling Made Easy teaches how to add glorious color to metal.

Jewelry makers will find it easy to learn with this combination book and DVD workshop. The basics of setup, terms, tools, and techniques prepare jewelry makers for 27 varied projects that build confidence through hands-on learning. The bonus of watching 12 techniques in action on the DVD assures success.
144 pages • 400 color photos
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ISBN: 9780871167705
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Vitreous enameling is a decorative art form which dates back thousands of years. The durable material is made by fusing powdered glass on metal with high temperatures. Gorgeous jewelry can be made with this technique. Some historical examples include cloisonné (both Chinese and European) where the glass is melted with wire cells and the work of Art Nouveau masters like Rene Lalique.

Those wishing to learn how to enamel metal need not invest in a kiln for firing. Anat Silvera's book, Enameling Made Easy, which I received for review, shows how beautiful enameled pieces can be created with just a hand held butane torch. The simple way of using a torch to heat the pieces hot enough so the glass melts is perfect for small pieces.

The book is a definitive guide for enameling beginners covering the basics like how to fill the torch, type of enamels as well as specific techniques used in the 27 projects. The spiral bound book makes it easier for beginners to have this reference book on hand. Some metal smith techniques like punching holes, soldering, drilling, dapping, filing and riveting are also covered in the basics section.

Anat is an experienced teacher so she included FAQ (frequently asked questions) and troubleshooting sections. Toolkit lists were also very helpful as are the tips and safety considerations.

The book starts with some easy projects where the student learns how to create enamel by first sifting the enamel powder over metal pieces. Each piece is placed on a metal trivet set on a firing brick and fired from below. It just takes a couple of minutes to fire each time. The discs are first enameled at the back (this is called counterenameling which helps stabilize an enamel piece) and then at least 2 more coats on the front.

The remaining projects show many fun creative ideas. Using stencils when sifting the enamel powder is one easy way to add design patterns.

Sgraffito,which involves "scratching" designs into the top layer of sifted enamel before firing, is another way.

Objects such as glass beads and wire can also be added to the pieces. Firing will melt the enamel around them so they too are permanently fused onto the pieces.

Even rubber stamps can be used as a means of adhering the enamel powder to the inked areas only before firing.

The author demonstrates some wonderful cloisonné projects using wet packed enamel in between the bits of wire as shown in this Cityscape pendant design - one of my favorites!

Another project shows off the Plique-à-jour (French for "letting in daylight") enameling technique where the enamel is suspended in small holes in the metal piece. The light can thus shine through the enamel like stained glass.

Although the book was thorough, the accompanying 25 minute DVD demonstrating some of the key techniques was very helpful. Nothing beats seeing how it is done. The combination book and video makes it a worthy buy for those who want to venture down the enameling path with some metal working on the side.

-Pearl Blay, Beading Gem's Journal

I can't say enough about Anat Silvera's book, Enameling Made Easy. I've been dabbling in enamels for the past few months and just recently got more into it. Her book, which includes a bonus DVD (YES!), is my new bible! It says it's for beginners & beyond and it sure is! It's so comprehensive that I can't think of a single thing that that might have been missed. A must have for anyone interested in torch fired enameling.

-Lea Avroch, lajewelrydesigns

Enameling Made Easy: Torch-Firing Workshop for Beginners & Beyond includes a bonus 25-minute DVD offering close-up visuals on firing stages and production to accompany a clear, step-by-step book on using an inexpensive handheld torch in creating metal jewelry. All the basics are presented in a jewelry guide that assumes little prior experience with either torch work or jewelry making, and which covers traditional enameling techniques from stenciling to cloisonne. A simple butane torch and some basic jewelry-making supplies is all that's needed to get started: these, and a book packed with color photos and step-by-step directions throughout!

-The Midwest Book Review
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