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Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry
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Jewelry makers of all types love creating with wire, and Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry opens up an entirely new world for this flexible medium. From angular, geometric forms to organic, curvy, elongated lines — and from simple flat weaves to elaborate multi-layered creations — there’s no end to the potential for this technique!

Although the designs in Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry may look very intricate and visually complex, even those new to wireworking can easily follow Kaska Firor’s clear, careful instructions for 20 compelling projects.

Motivated jewelry makers will learn five different weaves as a jumping-off point for their own experimentation. Each section focuses on a particular technique, moving from beginner-level projects to more challenging designs. Inventive ways to include stones and beads, plus combine weaves, add even more interest to these dramatic, freeform pieces.
112 pages • 310 color photos
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ISBN: 9780871167033
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I get asked all of the time about wire wrapping a cabachon or found item that doesn't have a hole. I was pleased to see a book that showcases some options for this problem. "You'll learn how to: work with five different wire weaves: over-over weave, over-under weave, coiling, circular weave, and looping, complete 20 beautiful step-by-step projects designed to showcase those weaves, including a 'design your own' challenge pendant, and construct and finish each piece with professional results, following the comprehensive basics." I particularly enjoyed Chapter 1 which showcased the various weaves used within the book. It made me want to break out my Soft Flex craft wire and weave a baby bird nest! If you or a loved one are into using craft wire, this is a great book for learning new techniques to pursue a more complex design.

-Sara Oehler, SoftFlexGirl

I've done a bit of wire work in the past, but was intimidated by the intricate weaving designs of late. And so was very pleased by the in depth instruction in this book. Kaska Firor breaks down the info in an easy to understand way, going into the various wire gauges, types of wire, tools, techniques, etc. There are several projects that I now feel a bit more comfortable about attempting after having read the book.

-Lea Avroch, lajewelrydesigns

I personally love working with beads and wire, and this book provides ideas and designs using both. Ms. Firor does an excellent job of covering the basics about wire, materials, tools and supplies, but her expertise is revealed best in her wire techniques. She covers five types of wire weaves—over-under, over-over, coiling, looping, and circular weaving—to reveal how we can create a bracelet, earrings or filigree pendant. I enjoyed reading the discussion on coiling and looping, various techniques used to make wire jewelry using beads and stones and other findings, or jewelry using wire alone. The author has included one of the most complete diagrams and instructions on wire techniques that I’ve seen in a comprehensive format, so even a beginning jewelry designer can take off running with this resource.

Even though I’ve been making wire wrapped jewelry for a while, the new techniques shown by the author have me anxious to break out my wire and make similar pieces. I love the designs she’s made using the basket weave and, fortunately, the first chapter reveals the various methods of weaving she uses in wonderful detail, with color illustrations. The balance of the book shows various designs which can be used, with your own creative input, to make truly beautiful and unique jewelry that everyone will love. I especially love the “Ribbon” bracelet, but then, there are so many wonderful designs in this book that it was truly hard to decide which one I loved best.

Easy, clear and detailed instructions, with wonderful color photographs, made Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry an absolute winner for me.

-Linda Morelli,
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