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The Absolute Beginners Guide Making Chain Mail Jewelry
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Open. Close. It’s that easy. Chain mail has taken the jewelry world by storm in recent years, and The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Chain Mail Jewelry is the perfect way for jewelry makers to experience the phenomenon.

The accessible format of this successful series, with large, step-by-step photos, easy-to-follow instructions, and progressive projects, makes it easy to learn new techniques and have fun along the way.
96 pages • 40 color photos • 10 illustrations
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Product Number: 64803
ISBN: 9780871164803
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I absolutely love the Absolute Beginner Guide series to jewelry making. These are the books which I can heartedly recommend for people who are just starting out. The guides are always there for you to go over again and again should you need to. They cover all the basic information - the kind that will take you ages to get if you were learning on your own and have no real life instructor to hep you.

I just received the latest one in the series, The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Chain Mail Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started by Lauren Andersen, for review. Like all the other books in the series, the book covers the topic without being overwhelming. The instructor did a great job of introducing the newbie to chain mail but also includes innovative but simple projects guaranteed to wow others.

It's also an efficient book considering the author covered several beginner weaves such as the European 4-in 1 and 6-1, Byzantine, Möbius, spiral, Japanese, Shaggy Loop and the Parallel or Helm's weaves. The basic weaves are taught as complete but simple projects. She then gets the reader to spread their chain mail wings in 18 other projects, adding beads, using unusual components such as hardware washers and so on.

Her instructions and step by pictures were very clear, especially with the use of colored rings. She is an advocate of using paperclips to aid the start of weaves - especially useful for the European and Byzantine weaves. I must say, her approach of getting the Byzantine going is different and a quick one.

Lauren also teaches readers to combine multiple weaves such as the Caterpillar bracelet.

The leather and lace bracelet project was one of my favorites as the chain mail element really made a simple leather cuff pop!

Also noteworthy is how Lauren combined a rhinestone connector with chain mail for an awesome hand flower or "panja" bracelet.

I really wish the whole series was around when I was learning!

-Pearl Blay, The Beading Gem's Journal
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