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Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay: Color, Pattern, and Surface Design
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Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay gives designers an in-depth look into polymer clay caning through the use of specific techniques. A variety of cane styles are taught, including stripes, checkerboards, spirals, bulls-eye, kaleidoscope, floral, and more. Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and photos help to show these techniques in the cane-making process, while including pictures of the beautiful finished jewelry pieces. Color theory as it relates to pleasing combinations in complex canes is also introduced in-depth. A gallery of finished jewelry completes this beautiful book.
96 pages • 300 color photos
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Product Number: 64506
ISBN: 9780871164506
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I love the versatility of polymer clay. This excellent book features canework. It starts with basic techniques and design tips with an excellent section on colour. It then introduces canework, starting with simple canes and building up your ability to make more complex canes. Take a look at the variations on stripes and you'll realise that this book is quite comprehensive for beginner and intermediate polymer clay users. The second section is on Bull's Eyes and again builds from simple to complex. The following section deals only with complex canes. It concentrates on combining canes, making kaleidoscope canes, floral canes and translucent canes with overlay patterns. Patricia's work is wonderful and there is also an artist gallery of work at the back of the book. The instructions are clear with both step by step photographs and written instructions with great detail. The instructions are written like tutorials. You can see how to make your new found techniques into jewellery. Learn how to construct interesting and colour coordinating canes with fascinating patterns. This is an inspiring book that I highly recommend.

-Karen Platt,
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