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Building and Detailing Realistic Sherman Tanks
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Of all the Allied armor of WWII, one tank stands out: the M4 Sherman medium battle tank. This comprehensive book is both a how-to construction guide, as well as a portfolio. The first half of the book covers a beginner’s basic buildup of a simple Sherman and progresses to a full-on customized Sherman from a resin kit. Along the way, readers will learn about all the details that distinguish this iconic tank—tracks, guns, appliqué armor, and paint schemes—to make the most realistic Sherman models possible. The second half of the book is a gallery of the author’s own models—47 in all! Includes 250 color photos.

• A rare, comprehensive guide to Sherman tanks and modeling options
• A unique blend of portfolio and how-to information
• Continued interest in World War II makes this book highly desirable to modelers
96 pages • 250 color photos
Price: $21.95
Product Number: 12445
ISBN: 9780890247891
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Modelers interested in military scenarios can also enjoy James K. Wechsler's Building and Detailing Realistic Sherman Tanks, a how-to construction guide for the Sherman tank that includes nearly fifty other models representing some 60 years of Shermans. From building a single Sherman to converting one Sherman type to another, this teaches how to build a customized Sherman from a resin kit and teaches all the basics of handling other fittings, using airbrushes and washes, and more.

-The Midwest Book Review