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N Scale Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby, Second Edition
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Model railroaders will learn about grades, lighting and presentation, flextrack, DCC and turnouts, designing scenery, benchwork, and structures, all the while taking in what has to be done differently in N scale for greater realism.
96 pages
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ISBN: 9780890247051
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The second updated edition of "N Scale Railroading" offers model railroaders a fine how-to guide to getting started, and is a pick for any library catering to beginners. From layout and maintaining and weathering locomotives to building benchwork and laying track, this provides keys to buildings, structures and tracks alike at the small N scale size, and will appeal to modelers with limited space and libraries catering to hobbyists.

-The Midwest Book Review

Among model railroad enthusiasts, the popularity of N Scale continues to grow. Its small size scale appeals to modelers with limited space, as well as to those who want to pack more operation into a larger area. Now, getting started in the N Scale hobby is easier, thanks to N Scale Railroading from Kalmbach Publishing. In this second edition, author Marty McGuirk acknowledges the numerous advances in N scale railroading since the first edition. He addresses them all, from track to train control. Then, he takes beginners through step-by-step chapters that show how to build and operate a complete N scale 4 x 8-foot railroad. In addition, model railroaders will learn about grades, lighting, and presentation, flextrack, DCC and turnouts, designing scenery, benchwork, and structures.

-NMRA Magazine