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Classic Chain Mail Jewelry with a Twist
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Following her best-selling Classic Chain Mail Jewelry, Sue Ripsch offers new variations on popular chain mail weaves. Featuring 30+ different weaves, jewelry makers will learn how to break up links, turn them 90 degrees, or use multiple weaves in the same piece. Square and twisted-wire jump rings sparked by crystal accents give projects a fresh look.

• 30+ designs using different weaves
• Essential information on how to calculate aspect ratio
• Projects conveniently arranged by skill level
96 pages • 200 color photos
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Product Number: 64834
ISBN: 9780871164834
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CLASSIC CHAIN MAIL JEWELRY WITH A TWIST by SUE RIPSCH This is a 95 page soft cover book with 28 projects . There is something here for everyone no matter what level of expertise you are at. There are projects for beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced artisans. This awesome publication was published by KALMBACH BOOKS. Book layout is as follows: Page 4 Introduction, page 5-6 Basics making jump rings, page 7-8 Basic tumbling jump rings, page 9-10 Basic Aspect Ratio. Then on Pages 11-44 the Beginner weave projects begin. On pages 45-84 the Intermediate weaves begin, and last but not least on page 85-95 the Advanced weaves begin. Sue Ripch has been making chain mail jewelry for a number of years and teaches the craft in bead stores and at national bead shows. She is an accomplished author of, " CLASSIC CHAIN MAIL JEWELRY" and This publication "CLASSIC CHAIN MAIL JEWELRY WITH A TWIST". Sue and her husband have an online business, "JEWELRY BY SUE". They offer finished jewelry , kits, and jump rings made to specifications. Sue's designs are also represented by a Sedona, Ariz. gallery. This book is exquisite and it is laid out with not only written step by step easy to follow instructions but also with photographed steps. The photography is spectacular very crisp and clear and easy to follow. Every detail of each project is covered.

I found the directions to be easy to follow. I have tried chain mail in the past and lost patience and gave up, but not this time. Sue makes it easier and fun. I am excited now to make more chain mail jewelry. Thank you so much Sue. I would highly encourage you to consider adding this new book to your beading library. I think you will be very glad you did.

-Jacqueline Marchant, FiddleDeeDee Jewelry

Chain maille continues to rise in popularity. That's clear as more and more instructional books start to come onto the market. Part of the burgeoning appeal is probably due to the use of metal that is not soldered or wrapped in any way. Besides, interlocking jump rings look really cool!

You'd think there are limitations with chain maille. Lack of color for one thing. Not feminine enough is another. But there are ways and means to really take chain maille to the next level.

Sue Ripsch's second book, Classic Chain Mail Jewelry with a Twist, which I received for review, shows how we can add oomph to classic chain maille weaves.

This 28 project book takes familiar weaves like the Byzantine and introduces texture and visual interest with novel approaches, twisted wire rings, beads and crystal components. The result is elegant and feminine.

The vast majority of her bead or crystal embellished chain maille projects are accomplished using beading wire methods although she does have one bead capture design.

The single beading wire method is easy for beginners but she does have more difficult challenges later in the book for the advanced chain mailler.

Her crystal bead embellished Japanese chain maille was a stunner but it requires patience as there are multiple beading wires! The clarity of the step by step pictures were not as good as they could be. So it was rather difficult to make out the rings and the beading wires for this project!

My favorite design was the gorgeous Celtic Zigzag with a Twist bracelet. The twisted rings make this design upmarket!

The author does acknowledge that some of the patterns are not originally hers such as the popular Full Persian cross pendant but her instructions are uniquely hers. She offers great tips on how to construct some of the trickier weaves including the use of wires etc. If you've ever struggled with starting a Half Persian, you will appreciate her tape assisted method.

This book does indeed encourage chain maille fans to explore new ways of making designs lovely!

-Pearl Blay, The Beading Gem's Journal

I recently received the book, Classic Chain Mail Jewelry with a Twist by Sue Ripsch from Kalmbach Books.

I've been interested in trying my hand at Chainmaille for a while, but haven't had any books, classes or tutorials on it so I could try it. This book is great, although I think I might have been better off to try Sue's first book first. But she goes into great detail about how to make your own jumprings if you want, along with hints on how to do that and even mentions a professional jump ring maker if you are going to be doing this a lot. She has the support of her family, especially her husband who makes the jump rings for her and even sells them on their site. Plus her daughter, Megan has been developing her own chainmaille weaves. She also describes how to clean and polish your jump rings/jewelry in tumblers and mentions the 2 diffferent types of tumblers available and how they work. She then gives you info on what to use in your tumbler to get the most out of it and where to get the supplies you need. Then she gets into the part that made me think I should have started with the first book. She has a great chart in there about the different gauges of wire jump rings and what their wire diameter in MM would be as well as a chart showing the conversion for jump rings made out of different gauges of wire. Then she explains what the aspect ration is, how to figure it and how to change it for a weave to get it to work/lay right. However, math has never been my strong point, so I had to read this 3 or 4 times before I 'got' it. LOL But she does such a good job explaining it, that I finally figured it out. Then the fun begins. She has sections fro Beginner Weaves, Intermediate Weaves and Advanced Weaves. They all look like so much fun. Like the European Rosette Bracelet weave. This is the one I want to try as soon as I can find some jump rings. I'm a little disappointed it's been so hard to try to find jump rings locally, (and I'm not wanting to make a couple of hundred jump rings right now) so I'll have to order some so I can try my first Chainmaille bracelet. Plus she gives ideas on the different weaves to change them up, add some extra bling to them, use twisted jump rings for a different look, etc. Her descriptions, pictures and explanations are so throrough, even a beginner like me will be able to make some great Chainmaille pieces. I can't wait to get some jump rings and get started. The illustrations are wonderful and really enhance the weaves and descriptions. Even if you haven't been thinking about trying Chainmaille, after reading this book, you'll want to dive right in.

Sue shares her expertise in workshops across the country and her and her husband have an online business, "Jewwelry by Sue" where you can find her finished jewelry, kits and jub rings made by them for your chainmaille adventure. Check this book out. You're going to love it.

Kalmbach books has such a great selection of books for every type of craft/crafter.

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