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Build Your Own Wire Pendants
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What could be easier than mix-and-match? Kimberly Berlin teaches techniques that aspiring wireworkers can pick and choose from to create their own unique pendants. Jewelry makers will learn how focal beads and cabochons can influence the basic shape, then make a basic frame and add embellishments to create interest and dimension.

• 20 playful projects for all types of wire
• Mix-and-match method makes each piece unique
• Techniques for frames, bails, spirals, and more
96 pages • 250 color photos
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Product Number: 64568
ISBN: 9780871164568
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I enjoy making wire pendants very much mainly because the design options are limitless. Making pendants yourself also results in one of a kind designs.

Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin's new book Build Your Own Wire Pendantswas a delight to review. She provides a superb guide which shows how making these unique pendants can be a lot of fun.

The 20-project book is divided into 3 categories. Framed Projects is the largest and most innovative one as it covers the different ways to make wire frames and to embellish them. It is also the most striking.

Kimberly demonstrates ways to fill up different shapes of frames with wire elements and beads such as the Raindrop Medley design on the front cover. She also includes more open designs such as her Diamond Delight above.

Each basic design can be made to "sing in the individual voice" of the singer i.e. you can make it uniquely your own by adding different beads and other wire elements.

The section on Drilled-Bead Projects encourages those less adept with wire work to spice up those pendants to make them shine.

There are an infinite number of ways to make bails for pendants as you can see from this sampling below. Kimberly says the design options "help illustrate how easy it is to adapt and modify any of the projects to suit your own color combinations and preferences."

The last section of the book covers traditional wire bezels for cabochons with many examples of how to deal with the wire ends in a decorative manner.

This book will definitely put you on the right path making your own wire pendants. The more you make, the more you will discover your inner creativity., Pearl Blay

Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin takes an unusual tact for presenting ways to make your own designer pendants, and that is to first make a frame, and then embellish it with items you feel would make a great design. Left over gemstones? No problem. A few scattered seed beads? Use them as accents for other gemstones or crystals.

The author starts off with a discussion of safety basics, materials, beads, gemstones and cabochons, and then the various tools needed to complete your particular design. She also includes optional items you may wish to purchase, such as hammers, a tumbler, etc., but for the beginner, the basic tools she suggests are sufficient to make most of the designs.

The techniques discussed concentrate on making frames using wire, and to save on expenses, the author suggests using copper until the reader is more proficient. Frankly, jewelry made from this material is quite beautiful and copper is definitely an economical metal to use. Some items from around the house, such as pill containers, can also be used to make round frames for some of the pendants designs. Just fill in the circle as you wish with gemstones, wire curls, etc.

My favorites are the designs using drilled gemstones, such as the “Side-drilled Pendant” using a focal gemstone with small natural pearls, and the “Double Triangle Twisted Frame”, which is far easier to make than it sounds. The “Basic Wire Bezel” is exactly that (basic), but if you haven’t done it before, the author provides easy step-by-step instructions.

Build Your Own Wire Pendants is a high quality instructive how-to book from Kalmbach, filled with beautiful full color photos that will spark your creativity. It’s a definite keeper for any jewelry designer’s library, no matter your level of expertise.

-Linda Morelli,
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