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Great Structures Vol. 2: Learn to Kitbash

Once you’ve mastered the techniques for building kits, the next step is to try your hand at kitbashing – the process of altering kit parts to make something different. On this DVD David Popp takes you through the process of making mock-ups using copies of basic kit parts, then he shows you how to cut and fit those pieces together to make several simple warehouses. Along the way, David will share some great painting and weathering techniques that you can apply to most any structure model.

• Kitbash part 1: From mock-ups to walls
• Kitbash part 2: Docks, doors, and details
• Kitbash part 3: Masking and painting
• Kitbash part 4: Weathering and final details

Approximate Running Time 1:30
Price: $12.99
Product Number: 15327
Available: 09/30/2016
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