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Drew's Trackside Adventures Vol. 2
Drew is back on the road chasing trains, this time with MRVP’s Kent Johnson to film railroading action in the Powder River Basin, the mountains and hills of Montana, and other great stops on their trip through the Midwest. Drew and Kent watch an amazing array of trains in some of the most scenic and unspoiled locations in the United States. Along the way, they also pay a visit to Rochelle, Illinois to catch the action on several busy main lines. And, Drew gives you a close-up tour of a rail-served stone quarry.

• Powder River Basin, Wyoming 11:30
• Montana Rail Link 12:47
• Lombard Canyon 12:00
• BNSF in the Upper Midwest 8:00
• Action in Rochelle 16:00
• DTA Industry Tour: Sussex stone quarry 12:00

Approximate Running Time 1:12:17
Price: $12.99
Product Number: 15319
Available: 09/15/2015
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