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Trains of the 1970s
In the 1970s, problems that had plagued the railroad industry for decades came to a head. But as the curtain closed on an era, the railroads fought through adversity, surviving and setting the stage for a prosperous comeback in the 1980s. Learn how, in that final, tumultuous decade of classic-era railroading, vintage diesels carried the torch one last time, the echoes of the great streamliners faded away, and a beleaguered yet resilient industry coped with crisis. Trains of the 1970s is a 124-page special collectors issue examining the end of a railroading era. Its articles and features include: • All-new overview of events and trends of the decade by historian H. Roger Grant. • Search for the last operating Fairbanks-Morse C-Line diesels. • A Penn Central engineer’s account of life on the road. • A report on North Western’s fast Falcon piggyback trains. • And much more!
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