Magazine Return Form

Forms on how to return your magazine products.

Keep in mind a few points as your prepare your return:

You no longer need to mail magzine tops back to us.  Simply follow the instructions below to complete our new form:
1. Reference the publication title and issue dates listed.  Please also reference the 'due by' dates for each grouping.

2. Write in the quantity you would like to "return", in the appropriate blank space.

3. Read the return disclaimer found at the bottom and fill in the blanks.
Please note: The bottom of the form must be completed and signed to foster processing.  Any unsigned form will be rejected.

4. Simply scan and email or fax all return affidavit forms to or 262-798-6543.
US and Canada retailers are able to receive credit for unsold magazines, special issues and annuals for up to six months from the invoice date.  Resulting credits are not redeemable for cash and expire 6 months from the credit memo date.

Unsold copies for dealers outside the US and Canada are non-returnable.

Return Information
To view exact return dates: click the beading or hobby tab, then go to magazines or special issues and then the specific magazine or special issue.

When not online, you can check your monthly magazine invoice for return deadlines.

To receive credit, fill out and sign the affidavit magazine return form. A Credit Memo will be issued for eligible returned magazines.

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